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Thread: Image resizing code...help please.

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    Image resizing code...help please.

    Hello all,

    On the webpage I am working on I would like users to upload graphics. But I want to limit their size to 100k or so. I am using MS Frontpage (thats why I posted here. Please move this to the appropriate forum if its misplaced). I would like a companion page on my site where the user can upload the image, click resize and the image gets resized. They can then do a "save as" back to their computer.

    Is there a way to write this in FP, or in html. I don't have access to Dreamweaver.



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    I'd do it in php - google resize images php. I guess pearl or asp would do it, too.

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    Here is a script which will resize the images. It requires PHP but it will create thumbnails of the images. If you want the images to scale contact the writer of the script because there is a version 2 which hasnt been released and does the resizing to scale compresses files to a set height and width.


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