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Thread: Beta test help - java game

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    Beta test help - java game

    Hi, I have a very simple peer-to-peer Java ball game to play over Internet. I am not taking it too seriously, but I would like to be sure it has no bugs, at least no serious ones.
    If someone have the time to do some basic beta testing, send me a mail to martin__carlsson@hotmail.com
    If some have the time to just try it and find a bug or two please make a reply here or send me a mail to the address above.

    Here are the game files:
    MagnificentBall description

    I will change the comments from swedish to english when I get some time over....

    Download the .jar file at the bottom of the post to try it. If you have noone to play against you can open it twice on the same computer by writing "localhost" in the Host field and use outgoing port as ingoing on one of the opened game instances and vice verca on the other.
    For example:

    On the first game instance:
    Incoming port: 2000
    Outgoing port:2001

    And on the second opened game instance:
    Host: localhost
    Incoming port 2001
    Outgoing port 2000.

    Note: If you have someone to play against over Internet you don't have to use different ports. Just make sure to open the port you have choosen in your firewall.

    Here it is:
    MagnificentBall.jar (Simple double click to start)
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