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Thread: Web site makes my computer crash

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    Web site makes my computer crash

    I tried to go to www.ema-usa.com and my computer crashed. when it restarted my PC was acting a little funny. Blue screen of death. I thought I had been whiped out. But I restarted again and ran a scan and was fine. So I go to this link again. Same thing. Had numorous other people try it and they have no problems. Someone I know even knows the owner of the company and said he's a good guy.

    Was wondering if it's just my set up. Like a combination of my OS/Browser/Setting/Installed Apps. Is this possible?

    If it helps I'm on Win2000 Pro and using IE 5.5.

    You know.... it didn't even occure to me until right now to try the link with one of the other several browsers I have installed. (Dummy ) Oh well. Still, if anyone has any info please let me know. Just curious about this.


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    The site works fine on a Windows 2000 Pro workstation with M$ IE 6.0 or Mozilla 1.0 leading me to believe it is your system.

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