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Thread: First crack at CSS design

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    First crack at CSS design

    I recently changed my table-based site over to a CSS one. I'm going for fast-loading, standards-compliant code with a nice simple professional image (basically, the kind of design that I'm offering my clients.


    I know the pages aren't 100% validated, I'm slowly working through the errors, but in the meantime I'd be interested in people's feedback.

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    Good work, nice, clean design, but it doesn't validate:


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    Remember to explicitly set the background color.
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    Hi -
    Glad to hear that someone else is dipping into the css pool...
    nice basic layout structure; minimal for sure.

    The only graphic I could see [aside from bottom links] was the arrow used in the navigation - which is deceptive, as I expect more categories to appear. Consider showing examples of your sites, at least!

    Not sure if you need "news" on each site page - would some other blurb be appropriate? My tastes shy away from that blue...but hey, go with what you like. A white bkgnd. for content and a hint of color for the body might be nice, tho.

    Good luck,
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