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Thread: I need to completely remove Dreamweaver from my computer...

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    I need to completely remove Dreamweaver from my computer...

    Dreamweaver kept on freezing up on me recently. Whenever I tried to save a page, it would say "Dreamweaver has encountered an unexpected error", you know what I'm talking about.

    So I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, but all of my settings were still there and it kept freezing still.

    So then I uninstalled it, and deleted everything "dreamweaver" from my computer, including the bit in "application data" in the "documents and settings" folder.

    Reinstalled, and still the same problem.

    So I must be missing something in the registry or something, but how can I get a completely fresh, clean install of Dreamweaver onto my computer. My entire site was made in Dreamweaver on the same computer, and I've never had this problem before. So I need to completely uninstall it to the point that it asks me to set up my servers again, and asks for a serial # again. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Get a program like RegSeeker and search your registry for anything Macromedia or Dreamweaver related. The program will make a backup of the keys before you delete them just in case you need to restore them. Be sure to uninstall DW first, reboot your system then scan for any Dreamweaver keys.
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    i noticed that same thing when i had older versions of dw, uninstall it and restart your computer then install it again, if you can, get dw mx 2004 or newer, none of those issues are in the newer versions

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    I got this error when I installed it without administrator rights.

    We have strange user access rights at work, and I think some of the user group definitions are 'tweaked'.

    Maybe that will help?

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    the registry entry that you need to goto is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\

    in there you should get rid of both dreamweaver and then the 8 folder in common.

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    also make sure to delete the most imporant folder the one within you profile in application data.

    Go to run and type in %appdata% click ok and look for the Macromedia folder and then the dreamweaver folder and remove that as well.
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    well last thing you can do is delete from your hard drive and delete from registry (TuneUp utilities) .. but it's bad for your comp..

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    Does anyone not realize this thread is pretty old?

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