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Thread: xml and css help

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    xml and css help

    OK, check this out:
    Write an XML file that will have the following sections: (Resume). The file must follow the following css file that goes with the xml file.

    {display:block;margin-top:12pt; font-size:10pt}

    {display:block; font-size:12ptfont-weight:bold;font-style:italic}

    {display:block;margin-left:15pt; font-weight:bold}


    call the file resume.css

    [1]. Personal: name, age, mail address, phone #, major, rank, and email.
    [2]. Education: name of high school, current College of Business
    [3]. Experience
    [4]. Honors received
    [5]. References
    [6]. Publications
    [7]. Major Accomplishments
    [8]. Save the file to your floppy disk and call it resume.xml

    Here is my question: I am not sure how the .css file's object, title, item, year.....relates to the other numbered[1-7] items on the xml. I have each css and xml written allready, but I am not sure what the "object" in the css goes with in the xml file?

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    to me it seems there is some part of the code is missing...

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    This first part before my question is the assignment my teacher gave us. I just don't understand how the css file interacts with the xml file.

    Here is a page that helped me with this xml and css stuff.

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    Basically by using: <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="yourstylesheet.css"?>

    The object is the main paragraph text; years are obviously date; title is for headings and items are the grades.
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