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Thread: Efficient "Viewed" and "Unviwed" Tracking System

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    Efficient "Viewed" and "Unviwed" Tracking System


    I'm looking to utilize an efficient method to store the IDs of viewed and unviewed posts. I figured it could easily be done by storing all of the IDs in a database containing the user records, but then I'm not sure if that's the most efficient and space-saving way to do it. Is there a better way to do it?

    (Does anyone know what kind of system bulletin board software like phpBB and Invision uses for their "read" and "unread" tracking?)

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    Well the post IDs would have to already be in the database. To do what you want, add another field to the table holding a boolean for viewed yes/no. Do you want to do this on a per user basis, or viewed/unviewed by anyone at all?

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    Viewed/unviewed on a per user basis. I don't think I could do it any more efficient than having a field with the viewed IDs separated by a "|", though.

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