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Thread: I want a new HTML / Web Dev. program!! Suggestions??

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    I want a new HTML / Web Dev. program!! Suggestions??

    Hello folks...

    Just a disclaimer before I begin - I mean no offense to those of you who like Microsoft FrontPage for I have been a FrontPage user for years. However, I have grown tired and weary of Microsoft's, and thus by default, FrontPage's proprietary ways.

    Put another way - I'm ready to migrate to a new Web Dev. program but I still need the WYSIWYG (HTLM creator / editor) focus or premise to the program but without the limitations that saddle FrontPage. I would consider myself a "lower midtier" Web developer - thus the dependence on a WYSIWYG / dynamic HTML creator program.

    While I need for it to be robust, I also need / want what the whole world wants - NOT costing an arm and a leg - well maybe a leg, but I need both arms to continue designing.

    Any suggestions? I hear Dreamweaver may be a step above my capabilities or in the very least more expensive than I want.

    Look forward to hearing from you folks...

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    Hi -
    I've heard that HTML-Kit is very good; and I've
    been using the free WebCoder5 for several years
    now - but I think Kasper's now charging $20 or so...

    It has a Quick Edit feature [wysiwyg] feature that I
    never use - since like all such it will add coding that's
    unecessary/you lose control over the layout.

    Have fun & good decision!
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    I could never ever use Frontpage in the first place. I use dreamweaver at work and EditPlus or notepad at home.

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    Well, Frontpage will produce code that is just as good (rather, just as bad) as anything else, including Dreamweaver. The only step that is a step up is to begin learning to write your own code. The HTML and CSS specifications are the definitive texts to read if you wish to learn; the article How to Read W3C Specs provided by A List Apart may help.
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    it is not a matter of what you use, but how you use it

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    I mostly use the code window of DW - but find the design window handy as a quick check. But when I started, it was the reverse.

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    hi AtlantaMike
    For you, I would suggest getting the latest Dreamweaver. I started with FP, soon grew tired of the proprietory codes, progressed to Dreamweaver. Do not think that DW is above your capabilities, you will learn as you develop/design. That is the best way to learn after all.

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