I have seen a tutorial on how to create a navigational drop down box with a button to activate the link. I am trying to create one where when the user selects an option from the drop down box it takes them there automatically without them having to click a button to activate the link. Make sense?

Here is the code that GoLive generated for such a drop down box. it works on my computer in safari and internet explorer, but does not work on any other computer. this code is located at theplasticarts.com if you would like to see it in action. just enter the site and look to the bottom right of the page.

hope you can help. thanks in advance.

<csobj w="135" h="23" t="URLPopup" data="{ 0 = { label = &quot;Select a destination...&quot;; selected = &quot;YES&quot;; }; 1 = { label = &quot;Home&quot;; url = &quot;home.html&quot;; }; 2 = { label = &quot;Info&quot;; url = &quot;info.html&quot;; }; 3 = { label = &quot;Music&quot;; url = &quot;music.html&quot;; }; 4 = { label = &quot;Shows&quot;; url = &quot;shows.html&quot;; }; 5 = { label = &quot;Contact&quot;; url = &quot;contact.html&quot;; }; 6 = { label = &quot;Links&quot;; url = &quot;links.html&quot;; }; }" target="_top">
<form action="#" method="post" name="cs_form_name_1">
<select name="cs_popup_name_1" onchange="CSURLPopupShow(/*CMP*/'cs_form_name_1', /*CMP*/'cs_popup_name_1', '_top');">
<option value="#" selected>Select a destination...</option>
<option value="home.html">Home</option>
<option value="info.html">Info</option>
<option value="music.html">Music</option>
<option value="shows.html">Shows</option>
<option value="contact.html">Contact</option>
<option value="links.html">Links</option>