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Thread: Scrollbar inside the table...

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    Scrollbar inside the table...

    Hey guys whats up ?
    I am new to this post forums not to the website, i been to this site probably more then two years now...
    But i have a question but i am not to sure if this is HTML section i should post, but let me know where th is goes to...

    I have couple of tables but now i decided one table has its own scroll bar more like a frame set but how do i keep my table and insert tool bar ?

    And also how do i change colour to scroll bar...

    So again...
    1) add scroll bar to table
    2) change colour in scrollbar (not important but tell me if u know at least)
    3) whats is the name of the coding that i just said for both of them.

    do i have to converte the table by the way if i have to let me know...
    or give me a link thanks a lot.

    and one more thing i am using this stuffs on dreamweaver so i hope they got some tools too !
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    Use CSS for the task required:

    HTML Code:
    <style type="text/css">
       #tableID   { overflow: scroll; }
    <table id="tableID">
    About coloring visit this link!
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