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Thread: Windows Media in GoLive?

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    Unhappy Windows Media in GoLive?

    I have tried to place Windows Media Videos on my site in GoLive. I have no trouble with Quicktime movies, and in the help menu it shows an icon for Windows Media Videos that should in the toolbar, but it is not in mine. I have tried the Preferences and what have you, but I am unable to place them.

    Could it be that I am on a Mac? Hmmm...

    Please help if you can. Thanks.

    -- Kyle M. Terrizzi --

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    It is quite likely it doesn't work because you are on a Mac. Windows Media Player well for obvious reasons plays on windows. It would require activex and I don't think a Mac even uses activex.

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    Dont even worry about using wmv. My advice, stick with Mpeg

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