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Thread: Run LDAP Phonebook From ASP?

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    Question Run LDAP Phonebook From ASP?

    I found the attached standalone vbs file by purchasing Windows 2000 Active Directory Programming. Overall, I have found it to be a good book. It put me on track to a solution which I really need, namely a fast, lightweight way of searching for users in Active Directory. We have many thousands of users and the attached returns its results in under 5 seconds.

    What the book fails to do is provide me with the same function inside web pages. I tried the customary modifications of removing the Wscript references and using response.write but I always hit errors at the very end. It seems like it's choking when it tries to call common name.

    Can you please help me adapt the attached for the web or point me to existing ASP code which does the same thing? Any help will be appreciated greatly!

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    I messed with it a bit. It seems to not like the WScript.Arguments.
    What you could try it to create a .dll and call the dll from your web page.

    That should help you to utilize this script from a web page.

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    Thanks But I Can't

    I like the dll idea a lot but work in a strict environment and am not allowed to use them. I'm stuck with ASP.

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