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Thread: Servlet is running after tomcat is stopped.

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    Servlet is running after tomcat is stopped.

    Dear Friend,

    i am new to Servlet. i start running a simple Servlet

    W/o running a Tomcat Server.( I am Sure that Tomcat is Stopped ).But,

    i got the Result . by giving the path below


    how can it possible...................

    But i can't run a Servlet in a Deployment Servlet..........

    help me ....................

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    If you get anything by typing in that url, you have a web server running somewhere. are you positive that tomcat is not running?
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    yes i am sure . i checked in the Services also .

    when i am using Internet Explorer 6 the Servlet is

    Running after the Tomcat is Stopped.

    when i am using Mozilla Firefox 6 the Servlet is not

    Running after the Tomcat is Stopped. it show the message " The

    Connection was Refused "...............

    please clear my doubts.............

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    This sounds more like something is being cached in the IE browser. If you are seeing it with IE, but don't see it in tomcat, then I am 99% sure you are looking at a static, cached page in IE. Try clearing your cache in IE and try it again.

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