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Thread: Why does my site force a download?

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    Why does my site force a download?

    Would someone be willing to look at the source code that is located on the first page of my website (www.theplasticarts.com) and tell me why, when I hit "enter" in the upper right hand corner, my computer downloads a file called "expl1_tank.wmf"?

    Thank you thank you.

    -- Kyle M. Terrizzi --

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    Nothing in your source code will make this happen that I can see. The file name is not even in your source. It worked fine for me...the link just took me to your home page.

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    funny. it's gone for me also. thanks for taking a look though. it was happening moments after i upgraded to osx 10.4. maybe it was something there. but it was doing it a few times. now not at all.


    -- kyle m. terrizzi --

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