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    search engine

    is there any coding for search engine?

    this search engine will function as an internal search function within the database.. it does not need to use any internet services..

    im using ms frontpage and its just for my own self use..

    the search engine found in the ms frontpage uses the internet.
    and i want a search engine which can be use as just an internal search within my database..

    or is there any software or pragram that can be used as well for offline search engine? ms Access?

    please help me...

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    So let me help you out here... and hopefully I've understood your post correctly.

    1. you want to or have created a database... Perhaps out of Access
    2. you want to run searches of the data you have stored within this database.
    3. you don't care how it happens because the data that will come out is only for your use.

    ... Well your not using the entirely correct terminology... Your looking to run a Query of your data base. The term "search" has become a very broad word in it's very common usage.

    with Access you can create a great user interface if you like and if needed Frontpage will tie in nicely if your using the database locally.... Access databases should very rarely if ever used online. (I won't say never since I've seen some used every effectively used in the past)
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