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Thread: Different Browsers

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    Different Browsers

    I have heard about other browsers such as Opers and I would like to know how this compares to NetScrape and Internet Exploder?

    Is it better? Does it read HTML, JavaScript and CSS in the manner it was meant?

    Does it offer better surfing? Any drawbacks?

    I may try it but I don't want to download it until I hear from those who may have used it.


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    I'm using Opera right now. It has a lot of really neat features but mostly I use it because of its speed. On a dial up connection where the browser is mostly waiting for something to do you wouldn't notice the difference but I use DSL and I go nuts now when I use Netscape or MSIE. Opera is certainly more standards complient than MSIE and it holds its own against Netscape.
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    Well, one of the things that is on my mind is security issues...even with my firewall I heard that there are some security hole purposely engineered into Internet Exploder...

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