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Thread: Database Advice Needed Please

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    Database Advice Needed Please

    Hello! My first post here, and I'm hopeful someone will be kind enough to help me with a project I'd very much like to undertake.

    I have a horse racing website. With the start of the year, I would like to enter all the race results of graded stakes (the highest level of races) into a database that can be searched by various means by website users.

    I have NO idea where to even start. I hoped to find some kind of "database builder" software but I'm having no luck.

    The race entries would have many, many fields. In addition to the name of the race, grade, distance, track surface, track condition, and track, I would also have fields for every horse in the race, where he or she finished, and its jockey, trainer, owner, breeder, sire, and dam.

    Then, during the year, someone could search by sire to see which stallions are doing well, or search by horse to see what that horse has done, or by trainer, to see his stats. Etc.

    This would be a tremendous resource, but I've no idea where to start. Can someone give me advice, please, on what kind of software something like this would take? And hopefully, one that's friendly to this user -- a newbie at creating databases.

    I appreciate much any and all help.


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    First, your host will need to have a database manager like MySQL and a programming environment like PHP available for your use.
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    Yes, thanks, I do have that.

    What I'm looking for are database software recommendations to build the front end. The more user-friendly, the better.


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    And perhaps this may hopefully give you some ideas:

    Web Database Concept
    J. Paul Schmidt
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