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Thread: Hi and PLEASE Help ???

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    Hi and PLEASE Help ???


    Please can someone sugest the best way for me to password protect an entire site I am building,

    I have spent hours looking for and trying free "software" and have not managed to find anything suitable.

    Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm on a deadline and am getting very frustrated with trawling through the xxxx out there.

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    A bit more Background,

    I have dreamweaver mx,
    I'm building html and ASP pages.

    I need something to put in the top of every page to check if the person is logged in or not, If not to redirect to Index.asp

    It should "Log Out" automaticly when they leave the site.

    Multiple users

    Multiple User Groups would be very handy as well to restrict access to different parts of the site.

    Idealy attached to an access DB

    "Gates" are not good enough as each page needs to be protected.

    I have downloaded "breathofair_login_manager" but this is designed for a specific forum set that you build yourself and the structure of the program is restrictive and I imagine would take ages to implement, It is also massive and I am hoping for something alot more user friendly (other than that It looks excellent)

    I dont have SQL or PHP

    I'm using "IIS" server technology

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    If you want to host the script your self then i cant really help you. But...

    www.bfndevelopment.com has about 19 remotley hosted scripts, and one of them is password protection. it has no ads and all you do is copy and paste the script!....it has a register script for members and a protection script which you put on all your pages to make sure the person who is trying to view it has logged in first.

    You have controll over all the members and can even redirect certain members to different pages. You can give a member a certain ammount of times they can login before their account becomes inactive.

    Hope that helps
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    Nice one you two, I'm just about to check out Black Fire Networks now so I'll let you know how I get on.

    I had a look at hotscript yesterday but I couldn't find anything suitable.

    Thanks again, your help is very much appreciated.

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