I have a serious problem regarding the PHP Application Server model (it may be extended to any Server Model) and templates.
When I attempt to create a new website (Web application), First of all I create a Template to handle the design of the destination web project I plan.
As you know the template is divided into Editable region and other region (Uneditable).
As a logical idea, any thing will have any effect on the web applications pages, should be added to the template. This will allow this thing to be atuomatically inherited to the pages generated from that template. An example about this, The making of user authentication, or a dynamic text that show the total number of registered users, ...etc.
Any code that leads to things like described above will be inserted in the template by DreamWeaver in a region above <HTML> tag. Well!.
When I started to make pages from the template everything goes well , until I decided to make a change on the template. Dreamweaver tells me that any modification outside <HTML> tag will be discarded and will be not applied to pages of this template, and I should add a tag <!-- templateInfo bla bla outSideHTML --> in the head region. Then dreamweaver tells me if I update these pages some data of the pages will be lost. and a lot of silly things.
The question is:
How can I make a scripts in any time at any uneditable (including outSideHTML) region of the template to allow it to be updated to all pages which that template is the parent without these silly things.