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Thread: Win 2003 Ent Server Permissions

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    Question Win 2003 Ent Server Permissions

    I have to rebuild a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. The server has a D and E Drive with files and folders. These folders have set permissions for users.

    Is there any way I can export or save all files and folder permissions so when I rebuild the server, I can import or open the file to re-load the permissions across the entire server?

    Much in the same way Office 2003 has a 'Save My Settings Wizard', I just want to reload the folder permissions on the new re-build.

    I also need to know if you can export or save all Users and Groups on the old server so again, the Users, Groups and permissions can be imported to save me having to do it all again.

    Thanks for your help guys


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    You'd be much better off posting a question like that here. Good luck

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    Thanks for the quick response. I have now posted thsi question on the suggested site but if anyone knows how to do this, that would be great.


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