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Thread: Synchronizing Problem

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    Synchronizing Problem

    Greetings Everyone.

    I have a recent issue using Dreamweaver MX that I was hoping I could get some insight into. I've been working on our department website and have had no problems in the past with Synchronizing my updated pages with the server but recently I have been having sporatic issues, primarily after updating a page or two and trying to synch, dreamweaver tells me it is not necessary.

    The most puzzling thing in regard to this problem is that is is intermitent, whereas the synch works then doesn't work. I worked on some changes this morning and had no problem updated the live server but this afternoon I attempted to update pages and Dreamweaver will not allow me to synch the updated pages. Obviously I can manually PUT each page but finding out the underlying problem would be great.

    Could it be someone else is screwing with the settings from another computer that has access to the same server? We do have a IT tech who helped build the site and he has access to the server. but i am unsure if this would cause the synch problem that I am having.

    Any input from anyone who might have had the same problem in the past?

    Thanks in advance.

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    one other note.....

    I did notice that sometimes my synch to the live server updates the live site immediately and other times there is a slight delay. But now there is NO update.

    Wasn't sure if this tidbit would be needed to help solve the problem


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