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Thread: Getting file names from a directory

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    Getting file names from a directory

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to get the names of a list of files (contained on the server). I have a directory called images and I wish to create a slideshow of all the images in that directory. At the moment I am loading the images from a static array.

    How do I go about getting all the image names in a folder and storing them in a dynaic array?

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    You would need a server side code to do this.

    Highly doubt you use .NET but I wrote an example here: http://radio.javaranch.com/pascarell...780941510.html

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    Hello A1ien51,
    I am in fact using asp.net and vb.net.
    My understanding of your blog is that you get the contents of a directory using vb.net and you store the results into a xml file.

    What i could do is get the contents of the directory when I load the page and store all the image names in an arraylist. Is there anyway to access the contents of a VB variable from javascript?

    If not I will append the results to a string and store the string in a hidden textbox. Put in the filenames seperated by *'s and then build my dynamic array in javascript.

    I am new to Javascript so how would I go about parsing a string, searching for a particular character and dividing the string?

    Any suggestion are welcome.

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