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    Red face An image question

    First of all I have Fireworks, which I want to use for my question.
    I want to have my product photo behind a simple rounded square frame with a colored border.
    I have quite a few product pics I want to put up keeping them all uniform in size for the site. So lets say I want to put up 6 pics per page, How can I get a standard type box(frame) to make the phto look better? I never really mess around with graphics but if anyone can give me an idea of what the technical term is for what I'm asking for, I can try to figure it out. I'm thinking about pics about 150 x 150 px and then having an enlarged view of the item.

    I thought it had something to do with layers but I've had no luck yet.

    I appreciate any help you can give.

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    I think i get what you need, this is how I'd do it:

    1. create a new layer and name it "square". draw the rounded square. select the square, alt-shift-u for a slice. then press 2 to hide the slice.
    2. lock the square layer.
    3. creat anohter layer and name it "pics", make sure is on top of the first layer.
    4. place your pics in that layer.. hiding and showing them as needed.
    5. so, when you're ready to export the jpg or gif, show the slices (pressing 2) and select the slice, make sure is optimized for the gif or jpg you need, and export the pic.

    this way, I'd keep all the images in one layer.. and the locked square layer as a standard background or border, easily and ready for export.

    hope it helps,



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