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Thread: pre loaded images

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    pre loaded images

    I'm pretty sure this is done with jave script, but maybe not, so thats why its here in "general". I have rollover script...but the pictures take about 2 secs to load on every mouseout/mouseon . How can i preload them, so that they rollover smoothly after page is done loading?

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    Preloading can be done in many ways, with Javascript, CSS and even plain HTML.

    The simplest is probably by using CSS, which is just down to placing the image towards the end of your page and then hiding it.
    There are many ways to hide it, but one that works quite well is to simply place the image outside the screen.


    your page
    <img class="preload" src="" alt="">
    <img class="preload" src="" alt="">
    <img class="preload" src="" alt="">

    .preload {position:absolute; top:0; left:-1000px}
    // Stefan Huszics

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