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    Unhappy Templates Help

    hi guys

    I need some help with the dreamweaver templates.I created a template and from my understanding whatever is in the template should remain locked even if the other editable areas are changed.But in my case this is not so.If i delete a line in the editable region the bottom table in the template moves up along with it but it shows the no edit symbol.What could be the problem. and does anyone know any good site for tutorials regarding dreamweaver tables coz the tables are really screwing me up.

    Help would really be appreciated.


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    I cannot think of any good websites at the moment... this might require a trip to the local bookstore or library.

    However if you could post the stuff your working on to the web I could take a look and give you more meaning full suggestions other than to not use tables.

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    It could be two things:

    - Check your code in "code view" -- there could be pieces of an editable region's coding floating out there without your knowing it. Dreamweaver doesn't always delete things efficiently. It's always best to check your code, just to make sure. You can also validate your code at http://validator.w3.org to make sure there are no other errors, such as missing closing tags.

    - A table is only as tall as its content, unless you've specified a pixel height. If you're deleting a row, the table will shrink to accommodate the loss of content. No matter if you've got the table locked in a template or not, it will collapse. Look at your coding to see if you've a) specified a height, or b) have an undetermined height.

    If you're wanting a specific height, and then have the table grow to accommodate text exceeding this height, you'll have to apply a css style to the table.

    <table style="min-height: 800px; overflow: visible;" >


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