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Thread: i need help please

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    Nov 2002

    i need help please

    Im trying to make this website.
    the template i got had it as a frames - i didnt want that so ive tried to make it up as non frames.

    anyways - the originial look has the image that runs down the side - running accross the top as well.
    PLUS there was a corner image that connected the both (on the left)
    i cant seem to get a tdtop or tdcorner to work

    any suggestions please?

    oh the site is: http://www.geocities.com/lef_ventures_3/



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    Nov 2002
    First of all, you might want to try having only one <body> tag. It makes somebody looking at your code go, "ok, so what <body> tag is the right one?" Another problem you are going to have is the fact that your image is 1500px wide. Most screens are 800px wide. In other words, almost half of your site has to be scrolled from left to right to even see. What you will likely have to do is trim the image to just the decorative part and add just that part how you want it, and then use a very small part the plain section of the image to cover the rest of the page by having it repeated.

    Since you are using CSS, I would look into getting rid of those tables that you are using for layout. Using CSS should also get rid of a number of those <br> tags that you are using for no real reason beyond for layout reasons and CSS handles that. On top of everything else, your code could use some cleaning up.

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    Excuse my ignorance, I just went and tested your site on a 800X600 and there was no scrolling from left to right. Taking my previous recommendation would still speed up the load time though.

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    Nov 2002


    I took out the <body> and just left the <div> - thats what yer meant right?

    Im not sure i want to fiddle with the actual image to make it smaller.
    there are two tables that i can see - one i need because its the menu - i dont know how else to make it the way it looks without the table and the 2nd - well i can work on how to make it that way without the table

    but this doesnt help me get the other two images in accross the top etc.

    Also im not sure how yer mean i can clean up so that i dont have to put <BR> in a lot - its the only way i know how to put spaces in between each thing i want!

    Sorry ifn i sound dumb - im really trying to work on this

    Thanks for yer help though- noone else has even bothered to try


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    Jersey Girl
    Thanks for yer help though- noone else has even bothered to try
    no fair!!!

    you cross-posted and 2 of us were trying to help you at the other thread (except that you provided a dead link to your site).

    that's why i told you that you shouldn't cross-post.
    so don't go crying over here that you can't get any help.
    it's just not true.

    (and try the link that i suggested at your other thread. it will change your life! )


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    Chill out man - at the time i wrote that post above NOONE had helped!

    so just chill - man i needed help and so far i havent gotten it. and i aint crying over it - its just that none of yer have answered my question.
    And just incase yer have done that on the other board - i havent been over there to looks since getting back!
    but yer act like yer own this board and that its against some big rule to write and ask on more then one board! for yer information - i also tried html incase there was somethink i could do with html not css that would fix my problem!

    I think that yer particulary rude and not very helpful


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    1. Khaki is not a dude, or man.

    2. I would choose my words more wisely when talking to her.

    3. It is considered spamming to post the same question in multiple forums, so khaki was correct in raising it as an issue.

    4. Do you have the image that connected the one image placed twice in the corner? I'm not exactly sure how the one image was used on the side and one top. I went and rotated the image in Photoshop to get an image working on top. I'm working on doing a little touch up work on the code and doing some of my own personal touches on the design. I'll try to have it done by tonight.

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    Jersey Girl
    yer act like yer own this board and that its against some big rule to write and ask on more then one board!
    No... I don't own this board...
    and yes... it is against the rules to post the same question on more than one forum.
    (as I politely pointed-out to you in your other thread)
    man i needed help and so far i havent gotten it. and i aint crying over it - its just that none of yer have answered my question
    Well... no one here gets paid to help anyone. They do it for free... and they give of thier own time to do so.
    Immediate gratification should never be expected.
    And saying that "noone has even bothered to try" is definitely rude on your part.
    i havent been over there to looks since getting back!
    You double-post and yet you don't check your threads for anyone who may have helped?
    That's simply not a truthful statement.
    Check the timestamps on our conversation at the other thread at the same time you were on this thread working with Spufi.
    I think that yer particulary rude and not very helpful
    Well... I was trying to be helpful (just read my posts). But whatever....

    Hey Spuf... thanks for coming to my defense. It's ok though. Some people just have no patience, can't handle facts or rules, and (for some reason ) don't like me!
    (even when I am trying to help them )

    Oh well...
    go figure


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    Well, I got it down to a small tweak, so I went and checked it against a 800X600 screen resolution. Ah crap. Since I haven't even touched my site in a week, I'll look into the screen resolution problem tomorrow.

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    Alright, instead of trying to solve the problem by avoiding the solution you wanted, I tried to solve it like you wanted it to be. Here's rougly what I've got, but looking at it in Mozilla 1.3 and IE 5ish shows two different outputs. Neither is right although the IE looks closer. I think if I got the Mozilla one to treat the z-index correctly it would be fine. IE just shifts the one layer over and thus leaves a slight gap and extents the page beyond 100% width. Anyway, if anybody wants to take a look, and see if they can finish it off, it would save me some headaches. Not that I wouldn't try a little more after posting the link.


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