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Thread: textbox keyboard layout

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    textbox keyboard layout

    I wonder whether it is possible to change the keyboard layout when getting focus on a new textbox...

    When moving from one textbox to the next the language of the keyboard changes automatically instead of pressing alt+shift.

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    At www.w3schools.com in the CSS pseudo-class section, there is a :lang pseudo-class that you can specify for any element.

    I've never played around with it, but you can specify what language is used in any given element, and it goes a little something like this:

    tag.class:lang(language) {}

    * You can leave out the ".class" if you want, then it's just:

    tag:lang(language) {}

    Since I've never played around with this, I don't have much more info. Also, try reading the following page:


    It's a good place to start. The only problem is, only the newest browsers are going to have support for this. In fact, I'd bet a six-pack that IE/PC doesn't support the :lang attribute. NS 7 and Mozilla >1.0 will probably support it though.

    The six-pack could be Labat, but preferably Killian's. Or Root Beer if you're under 21

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