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Thread: Hmmm.....dreamweaver?

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    i am justa biginner with dreamweaver, well with any web developing program. should i use dreamweaver? or is there something easier? does any1 know any good books that will help me with any program?

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    sams teach yourself dreamweaver in 24 hours

    dreamweaver is a good tool to start off if your just wishing to make your own website or a small site.

    as you get into it more you will probably perfer to hand code sites as its more effeciant and less restricting when you know how.

    i used to use dreamweaver in wysiwyg veiw now it only leaves the coding veiw so i can see if iv done something stupid which is stopping the page from being displayed and occasioanlly to jump to a section of html quicker to add code.

    dreamweaver is what i would say the best wysiwyg editor on the market i never got on with any of the others front page, adobe go live etc...

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    Your looking at the top of the line that's out there for webdesign. There are other really good programs that specialize in different areas! However it is the professional program and it does a great job at supporting newbies and hard coders alike.

    On books... there are the sams books but the Dumbies books which are great for getting you though the spots where your not sure what to do. It really depends on how you learn. I'm more trial and error vs. do step one then move to step 2.

    Your other option is to do as you have now and post your questions here.
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    Dreamweaver is a powerful tool. I've been using Vers 3 fora few years now and I'm still finding out useful things about it. The templates and library are well worth getting into, using these can save hours updateing a website with more than a couple of pages. The simple "find" plus the "replace" function is well worth the effort.
    BUT do Keep an eye on the coding cos Dreamweaver likes to put extra <font> code all over the place. Better still, use style sheets which Dreamweaver can do. I'm in the process of converting my entire site over to full CSS.
    Wish I'd started off that way..... ahh well

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