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Thread: First page not loading completely

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    First page not loading completely


    I am having a problem with an index.html file not loading completely when first pulled up. The top part of the page (everything visible on the monitor) loads OK, then says, "Done" on the bottom line of the browser along with an error icon. The scroll bar on the right side of the screen fills the whole area and won't allow me to scroll down to view the rest of the page. It's like only the top part of the page that is visible on the screen has loaded.

    I can hit refresh and then the whole page loads fine (I still have the error icon on the bottom line), but the page works fine.

    OR, I can resize and restore the page and it works OK.

    OR I can click on one of the links that is visible on the page, that linked page opens completely and I can then click on the "Home" link from that page and it brings me back to my index.html file and it works fine from that point on.

    It seems to do it in all the operating systems of people I have had check it out, Windows XP Professional, XP Home, Windows 98 and Windows Me. The only browser that has been used is IE.

    I used Dreamweaver MX 2004 to build the site, as well as numerous other sites, and this is the first problem I have had. I have gone through my HTML code and can't find any problems in it.

    I encountered the same problem during the construction of the page when I would check the page in the browser in Dreamweaver but didn't realize what was going on since I had been having some computer problems at the time and thought it was related to that.

    The URL to my problem child is http://www.plantanapolofarm.com.

    I welcome any suggestions anyone has. This has been a real forehead wrinkler.

    Blessings and thank you!!

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    I'm showing a JavaScript error: Error: MM_preloadImages is not defined

    You might want to try taking the whole onload attribute out of your body tag and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then determine if you really need it on the page. If you do, then talk to the Gurus in the JavaScript forum to see if they can help you out with it.
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