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Thread: Disappearing order

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    Disappearing order

    Have created a form to return - contact paticulars and order details.

    Contact details are received ok when the form is submitted.

    The order form has a spreadsheet component to sum the total cost but this part is not sent when the form is submitted.

    I need to receive all the info attached to the order form.

    Form can be viewed at www.ecoclear.com.au/ordertemp.html

    If anyone can assist I would be most grateful

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    I think you may have a bigger problem than that. Take a look at the attached screen-shot, your page is messed up in anything that isn't Internet Exploder (although it's not too bad in Opera, but still quite bad). Using, "Microsoft Office Web Components" doesn't help make it any better, not everyone has Office, not everyone has Windows, and of those that do, not all of them use Internet Exploder.

    Everything that is done with that Microsoft dealie can be replicated with JavaScript, and for users with JavaScript disabled or not supported, the values in the total column can be calculated on the server-side once the form is submitted.
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    the cross browser thing is a worry also

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    the form that is functioning on the web at the moment is at http://www.ecoclear.com.au/order.html
    This is without the spreadsheet just straight out form fields. It would be good to have an autosum function here somehow. Is it possible?

    This form returns - customer info and quantites required on submission.

    The dollar amount is not sent but is included forthe customers own record as a print page.

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