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Thread: Text Control for Access

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    Text Control for Access

    Hello there

    I wonder if someone can help…

    Basically I am pulling text out of an Access Database to be displayed on my page. As this text contains more than 255 characters I have changed the field to a ‘memo’ field as opposed to a ‘text’ field.

    It seems to pull the information out fine, but how would I insert paragraphs and control the text how I want it on the page?

    Could an alternative be including a text file, but again, how do I break the text into paragraphs?

    Thanks in advance…

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    Enter the text into your memo field in HTML format with tags in place.
    This way when you Output the text it will come out exactly as you want it.....
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    Here's what works for me (although I usually put it into its own function):

    ' Fix HTML.
    varFld = Server.HTMLEncode(varFld)

    ' Convert each space and space to space and  
    varFld = Replace(varFld, " ", "  ")

    ' Convert all vbCrLf to <br>.
    ' (This is the same as converting Chr(13) & Chr(10) to <br>.)
    varFld = Replace(varFld, vbCrLf, "<br>")
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