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Thread: text is not visible in flash8 - problems with fonts quality pubblishing for flash7

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    text is not visible in flash8 - problems with fonts quality pubblishing for flash7

    i've been working on this page: (please view it at:
    http://www.federi.co.uk/web/index.php?page=14 )
    the first banner "award winning product" at the bottom of the page on the left is pubblished for Flash Player 8 and I can see it perfectly but a friend who has not got Flash Player 8 can't see it (and i guess most of the people haven't updated yet so it definitely need to be pubblished using Flash player 7). the other banners at the bottom of the page have been pubblished in Flash Player 7, everybody can see them but the text is not cleared enough. what can i do to optimise the text in such a way that can be viewed well by Users who has flash player 7? do i need to change the type of font? Are people who have not got that specific font being able to see it?



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    ive came acroos this problem before also.
    If i rember correctly it was because i was using flash 8 specific effects on the text.
    not sure what effects you are using but this could be your problem.
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    I think Andy is right. It's not a missing font, it's the new type functions built into flash 8. I remember reading somewhere that one of the new features in flash 8 is clearer text.

    Perhaps you can use a font that is designed for small sizes, like kottke.org's silkscreen font. And then publish to flash 7.

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