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Thread: What table type I shall use?

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    What table type I shall use?


    I am working on the database that will have 5+ tables.
    These tables will be accessed for data entry, data modification, data searching and so on. Also these tables will be accessed by more than one users at a time.
    The data is of very cruical nature.

    I am wondering that what table type I shall be using for my database. I am using PHPMyAdmin. I have these choices:

    HEAP (which is not for such database)

    Thanks in advance

    The second thing that bugs me is that: Is it possible if two users are entering/modifying data at the same time in the same table, they can mess up with the data? I am using SESSIONS that consists of username, IP and time in millisecond.
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    The only two engines that are recommended for any use are MyISAM and InnoDB. Their other forms are watered down to give back some speed but not really useful.

    A table should be MyISAM if it needs to take advantage of full text search, or is mostly for querying (maybe data dumping?). Mostly for static tables w/ mass data loads.

    InnoDB is more of a transactional engine, with its row level locking it has faster INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements and tables that are heavily modified should take advantage of it.
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    Thanks chazzy for the reply (and sorry for my late response as I was away from the city).

    I guess that I will go for the INNODB as it seems to suit my requirements
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