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    Multiple Language

    I have searched through the forums for charset, and other options for multiple languages within a web page. Some that server based and some that are browser (and computer) based. Is there any GOOD literature where i can figure out how to accomplish this within a web page that i am trying to build. Or does anyone have any advise as to which approach i should use, i am clueless as to where to start. would appreciate any help


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    Well the most simple soultion would be for you to make your page in every language you want and just us a simple drop down menu to redirect users to the index page for the language of their choice.

    On your webserver you would have your main index and then subfolders for each language with a translated version of the same index page like french/index.htm

    Here is a guide if you want to go down this route:

    Only thing is that this wouldn't remember a users language choice from the last time they visited

    Sorry if this isn't what you ment.
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    Thnx for the help I should have been more specific

    Thnx for the help I should have been more specific

    I figured that I would use PHP with a drop down list built from two arrays, one with the language and one containing a letter (for either and extension of the html file name / folder. So English would have no extra letter for home/index.html and French would have homef/indexf.html. The language would be retained through a cookie. The problem that I am having is that I am unable to change the actual language in the html page. I have loaded in extra languages in the “regional and Language” within the control panel for windows (xp), and have uploaded pages with the different document encoding (through dreamweaver) with no results. I am not sure if the solutions is too simple, or actually just retarted, here are some other things I looked in to;
    also i have looked into UTF

    But the time frame in which I have had to research this has been very limited.

    I guess what I am asking is if there is an easy way to change the language of a page, and how to do it (without the drop down for now). I have had no success as of yet.

    I would ask what the best way is but UTF seem a little over my head for time in which I would need to complete this project.

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