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Thread: Query counts over 100,000 results in database but doenst return any actual rows

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    Query counts over 100,000 results in database but doenst return any actual rows

    I wrote a basic php search engine (that searches a database of over 127,000 entries) that works absolutly fine until i enter a search keyword that returns over 100,000 results. It can count the results but doesn't display any data (return any rows). I'm wondering if mysql might have a maximum results limit or something thats making it bug out. I am already using a LIMIT 1, 5 so it only displays 5 results at time. Thanks in advance

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    Could be that you're exceeding the max packet size. See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/...too-large.html for more info.
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    maybe you could also show us the query in question, you might have an error that's letting the count work but not the actual select search.
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    What happens when you use limit?

    Edit: Stupid me, didn't notice that you already wrote that.

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