Hi Everybody,
Hoping someone out there can advise me, I'm trying to create what I believe should be a fairly simple effect on a web page but have had no success. Basically my page contains a table cell with a large image which appears on first load. Alongside that cell is another with four number buttons 1-4. These are rollovers, changing colour when a viewer points. Now, what I want to do is have the rollover effect on the buttons and change the larger, main image when the viewer clicks. Therefore you can click on number 1 for Image 1, 2 for 2 and so on.
The problem seems to be that once the rollovers are active and I then insert a behaviour to swap the larger image, the "restore on Mouseout" command takes over. Or maybe I shouldn't be using behaviours to do this? Should I try tweaking the javascript or doing the whole thing in Fireworks or Flash?
I'd welcome any suggestions, particularly any links to tutorials which might be available...I've now spent several days trying various methods without success.
Thanks All!