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Thread: web site back up help please

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    web site back up help please

    can someone tell me how i back up my site please
    at the mo i use smart to upload my site ect but iv not got a clue how to back it up
    thank you for you time

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    Smart being smart ftp? 2nd do you use any database programs? for the files its just basically go connect to the site, create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive called back up, the select all the files of the site and right click, go to download > direct > select folder and select the new folder you made and hit ok. for the database if you use php my admin you can log into it, select your database, go to export, select all the tables on the left side, make sure SQL is selected below that then go down to and click save as file, in the file name template insert: template. no compression and then hit go. help at all?

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