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Thread: The size is too large.....

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    The size is too large.....

    I have designed my first site and it doesnt seem to fit on certain computer screens. (I dont know why)

    I am wanting my site to have the layout similar to http://www.fastrackhobbies.com/home.html

    My site is the width of the whole screen plus more, but I want it too fit with a border on each side. Heres my site. http://www.redline-rc.com

    Is there a template used for this or a certain page layout used in dreamweaver for this style site?

    Any info would be appriciated!

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    Well,, I don't use dreamweaver but, why don't you just resize those columns, I would image they are tables. Look at the website you are tring to model, notice how theirs it packed togther more closely. There is a lot of unnecessary blank space in your site, push it together.
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    this, to begin with...

    Your first TABLE, note the "width":

    PHP Code:
    <table width="1074" border="2" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" height="890" bordercolorlight="#808080" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolordark="#000000" bordercolor="#808080"
    Your first TABLE is 1074 pixels wide. My screen resolution is 1024 by 768, so already you've mandated a width WIDER than my screen can display without horizontal scrolling.
    Change that 1074 to something around 950 pixels wide, for instance (this gives room for the vertical scrollbars and a bit extra, etc.), and then center the whole thing.

    Or better still, just make the main TABLE's width 85% or 90% and then CENTER the whole thing. That way it will always be eighty-five percent (or ninety percent) of any resolution size and any browser window. -Even if you manually re-size the viewport, the page should keep up until it encounters a block-level item or some item that won't wrap).
    (I am a fan of the percent-sizing solution).

    I might suggest also not using a HEIGHT statement to size the page unless it is for a size that you must acheive. -Let the content determine the 'height' and the table height will grow in as the content therein does.

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    Web Joel
    Thanks for you input! I tried changing the table width from 1047 to 950 but nothing happened. Keep in mind I am very new to website design and have only done it for two months and taught myself. I really have a lot to learn but can catch on once I see what each tool does in frontpage and dreamweaver.

    How would I change the website to a percentage and then center it when in frontpage?
    Thank again!

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    American, living in Toronto, ON. CANADA


    I'm not an avid user of Dreamweaver although I have it, and I am not a fan of Frontpage. Having said that...

    I'll look your code over again and see. I suspect that even though the TABLE width was reduced, the TR and TDs are too wide now and are keeping your width 'too wide'. Basically, it's a minor rewrite issue but fairly straightforward. I'll have another look at your code now and try to get back here.


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    American, living in Toronto, ON. CANADA


    That thing is a monster, huh?

    I played around a bit with the code offline in an html editor and am coming to a realization that the entire site was built without enough forethought given to browser resolutions and end-result.
    I got it below 1024 wide, but at the sacrifice of some of the 'background image' graphics which look like tire-tread around the bottom and right-hand side of the page. Maybe a look with Dreamweaver would enlighten me some more about what is really going on, but I am seeing reams of superfluous code, nested table-cells and nested-tables, just the very thing that aspirin is meant to aleviate.
    And combining style measures won't work, -I see a few "margin-left: 4" statements ("4" -what? pixels? points? em? And a measurement in " (inches!?) ) Oh no, -avoid doing that. Different browsers do not know "inches" any more than the'd know "ounces". Stick to either em, px or pt when calling sizes for font or margin/border/spacing/padding size.

    I know that you're new to this, and this is a common happenstance with Dreamweaver/Frontpage: -bloated code. This is a good example of that.

    There is just so many lil' aches an' pains in here! If you're not stuck with and got your heart set with this design, I might recommend a re-design of the page. There is waaaay too much 'formatting' trying to be done using table-cells and 'spacer.gif' images. Tables is a poor way to structure a site unless you're loading it with tabular data (text, like spreadsheet data, or perhaps even images but only if they are the SAME size), I'd bail on this. This is the very thing why I dislike Frontpage and to a lesser extent, Dreamweaver. It generates too much 'stuff' that you don't really need. But alot of people still use both of these, and maybe there is someone else with more experience with Dreamweaver that could have better advice.

    Do keep working on it though. There is nothing that comes as close as 'creating SOMETHING almost literally out of NOTHING', as coding your own web pages! It can be quite rewarding.

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    I use dreamweaver a massive amount. If the page is designed using tables - which I imagine it is - you could just tell Dreamweaver to convert the tables to layers... but to let you know, it fits on my 1280x1024 resolution - but not many web users use a resolution like that.
    I aren't a big fan of the background image though - it's distracting (with the red text/border lines), and the links/content text/navigation is poorly designed, inconsistent and all over the place...

    There are templates available within Dreamweaver but the type of site you're aiming towards, but I think you may need to resize them to 950px width, as WebJoel said.

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    Thanks again
    I just want it to look like the fastrackhobbes site I mentioned above. I am going to start working on a new site but is there a template or table with this wanted design aready made up?

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    use % rather than px it will allow the site to resize dependant on the browser size/clients resolution

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    Ok I have now designed a new site very similar to the old one. The size on my computer is ok when you type in http://www.redline-rc.com but when you click one of the links on the side of the page and then click back on homepage or hit the back button the page will be gigantic! Huge! Then if you click refresh it goes back down to normal size.???
    Whats the deal with that?? Please tell me an easy fix!
    Thanks again!

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