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Thread: Images getting clipped?

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    Images getting clipped?

    I have found the the top and sometimes the bottom of some of my images are being clipped. I have noticed that on different browsers it ranges from nothing to quiet a lot. I have tried changing the images and doing all manner of things, and I have spoken with someone else about this who says that they are having similar problems. Does anyone have any advice of what I should do?

    here is a link to the page (It's dead simple so very easy to troubleshoot)


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    I think it is because the actuall picture is like that. I tried opening the picture up in paint and it also looked liked that. So just change the picture.
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    yeah, and if you look here you can see that too: http://www.dnbtheartofcutting.com/im...ackground2.jpg just change how the image looks, it isn't any coding errors that is causing it.
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