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    flash link

    Two part:
    1-Ok I inserted a flash movie into my front page. BUt how do I make this graphic a link to another website? I can't get link box up? And flash properties doesn't give me link options.

    2-If I use action script, I need an early Flash player 4 setting since I don't have access at work to newer, will action script work on this or not?

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    Are you looking for the whole flash movie to be the link or just a small part of this movie?

    IF it's the whole movie then you should set it to be a link in Dreamweaver or which ever html editor your using.

    IF it's in the flash itself... try converting your button to a button. you'll more than likely have to deal with the on, hover, and other hit states.
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    if you would like flash to just go to the url when the movie ends then you do this..

    * create a new blank layer(i reccomend always doing this for every single task) and name it actions
    *go to where your movie ends and create a keyframe on the blank layer right above (or below)
    *select only the keyframe on the actions layer
    *open the actions menu
    *open the global functions folder
    *select browser/web folder inside
    *double click on get url or drag it onto the actions screen
    * you should see somthing like this
    *now change that to something like this

    getURL("http://www.gohugemx.com", "_blank");

    >>>(yes you gotta type in http://www. and all that)

    *close the actions window
    *preview it with f12 or control/enter

    now if i was clear enough for you to do that, your movie will play and then at the end it should go to that url. You can also specify whether it should open a new window or change the window that the vid will play in.

    Hope i helped

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