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Thread: setting focus after submission

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    setting focus after submission


    I have a submit button which after pressed, goes to the top of the page. I want it to stay on the same place on the web page. Is it possible to do?

    Here is the code:
    echo "<form action='Process.htm?sPId=10&x=".microtime()."' method=post >
    <td align=center valign=middle><font size=-1>
    <input type=submit name=submit value='Completed'>
    <input type=hidden name=sCompleted value='".$x."::".$sReportDataId."'>

    Can anyone give me an example ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dave post a really neat trick yesterday for the same topic...search the threads on the forum,you may find it..:-)
    If not then I can probably try to immitate the functionality.

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    We need to start collecting the good ones and the stock answers.
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