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Thread: Is ThErE A ScRiPt FoR ThIs???

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    Unhappy Is ThErE A ScRiPt FoR ThIs???

    Hello, I have a tennis league which is created on the base fact that I know everyone's usernames and passwords, I have a list full of them. I have a cgi-bin too which i dont know how to put these laddernames and passwords in. One thing I would like to accomplish is to have a list of names that have three statuses besides them. Green = active, blue = neutral, red = not active. Every week before the event I will reset all to neutral and then the particular player comes during the week, enters there correct password in correlation to there ladder name (eg. searches cgi-bin) allowing them to change there status for others to view. I was just wondering if I have to upload a list or database (to cgi-bin) and use javascript to look up the passwords and see if they are correct etc. I was just wondering if there is a script for this already, ie. looking up laddernames and passwords in cgi-bin to gain access to the changing of a picture on the page. Help would be much appreciated thankyou.

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    One thing's for sure. You certainly made your question descriptive.

    OK, this will all be done server-side (with CGI). I would use Perl, if I were you; and also, post this question in the CGI forum, because it does not go here. JavaScript does not have the capability to search through a database; and yes, you will indeed need a database.
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    You could do it with PHP if its installed without having to use a database

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    send me an e-mail at btscl@aol.com with the subject, webdeveloper forums and I'll write you the program. It'll probably take 2 or 3 copies to get it exactly how you want it, regards.

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