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The first thing to do on that page is remove the second set of HTML, HEAD and BODY tags. The document object model of the page is broken right now.
I tried taking out the HTML, Head and Body tags, but it didn't make any difference. I am wondering if it has something to do with the way ZenCart adds the description. I add a product through ZenCarts Admin control. I fill out the required fields, upload a picture, and then type in a description or past in html code. ZenCart pulls everything together to form the product page. Is this problem caused by the way ZenCart pulls everything together?

I am not a coder, I can do some minor coding but I count on programs like DreamWeaver to make things look right and places like here that have clear sample codes I can follow. ZenCart has been great for making it simple to get a site off the ground.

I have temporarily taken out the Next and Previous links. That way I wont cause frustrations for potential customers once I have the site finished and start to add it to search engines.

Thank you for looking at my code.