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    HTML Stationary


    I've got a client who wants me to create a HTML stationary template that he can use in Outlook. The problem is that he wants me to use images for the email, but he doesn't want the images to send as an attatchement or doesn't want the image path to be linked to an online location (e.g. <img src="http://www.mysite.co.uk/images/image001.jpg"> ).

    Instead he wants the images to be embedded into the email and sent as part of the email and not as an attatchment.

    I can get it to work if the images are stored at an online location, but I'm really having problems trying to get it to embed the images.

    Does anyone know of how I can do this in Outlook?


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    Im not sure how to embed the images but even if you manage it alot of Outlooks out there are set not to display images as default.

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    I know that, and I've told my client that... but he's insistant that he wants images in his emails!!

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    If you link to emails then only those people who want to gconfirm their email address for the spammers will see them. If you embed the emails then everyone will see them. Not all email programs allow you to embed images in emails.

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    i dont think its possible to embed the images and not have them show as an attatchement

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