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Thread: New Site Problems with MYSQL

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    New Site Problems with MYSQL

    Hi, as alot of you guys already know you can define a new site in dreamweaver.
    I'm having trouble setting it up properly. Basically it won't let me connect to the MYSQL database.

    Here is a run down on the scenario. The following is the data i have inputted into the wizard for creating a new site.

    Site Name : CMS
    Server Technology : PHP/MYSQL
    I am editing and testing locally
    The files are being stored in C:\IBserver\www\cms\
    The URL to the root of the site is http://localhost/
    i'm not using a remote server

    The site i'm developing is located in C:\IBserver\www\cms as previously mentioned. I have created a db called blg_blog with 2 tables thru phpmyadmin. Using the wizard located in the application(s) field i entered the following data for the db.

    When i attempt to test this i get the following error

    any ideas. I have being messing around with the settings for the past hour and i haven't being able to get it to work. I did this tutorial about a week ago and everything worked fine.

    Any help is much appricated. Thanks

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    So you have all the software installed on the PC that allow you to run MySQL & PHP?

    That would be my question. If those apps and services are not installed or running that would be your issue.

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