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Thread: Trademarked Domain Name Quandry

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    Trademarked Domain Name Quandry

    I run a large guitar website (10,000,000 unique visits). I run it with the domain name tdpri.com. This site is simply a PHPBB forum to discuss one certain guitar made by one very large guitar company.

    5 years ago, I had a chance to aquire, legally and for free, a .com domain with this guitar brand as the one word domain.

    This domain name I own is the name of a trademarked product produced by this very large guitar company. I just set it up to have the domain go to my tdpri.com forum website.

    Today, about 20% of my visitors come in through the trademarked .com domain.

    The owner of the trademark has never contacted me about this, but does contact me about supporting my tdpri.com website. This senior VP "must" know that I own the domain as well. Yet, never have they contacted me.

    This large guitar company owns ALL of the other domains of their trademarked products.

    So, my question after all of that background, is does this domain name have any value to me for resale someday? Or, since it is a trademarked word owned by some other company is it worthless to anyone that owns it because the trademark owner can just claim it at any time?


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    I would say so, but I would guess that the value will be to the company that owns the trademark.

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