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Thread: Origins of Webdeveloper.com

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    Origins of Webdeveloper.com

    I've been a member for only a short time now but am finding it to be an invaluable resource - many thanks to all who've helped me out so far.

    I am curious about the history of the site though: How long has it been in existence? Who created it?

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    Webdeveloper.com has been a part of the Jupitermedia Developer Channel since it's inception in 1994-95. Originally it was a print magazine and the site supported the mag. Eventually the print magazine(1997) was done away with but the site survived and grew.
    In 2002 Jupitermedia's WebX forums were being replaced. We took this opportunity to incorporate the WebX forums with Webdeveloper.com and it has been very successful mostly in part due to people like you with in interest in learning. Webdeveloper.com has come a long way and the community continues to grow. Thanks for being a part of it!

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