This summer I will be doing web design for a jeweler.
I was thinking of using XML to keep track of the products/prices/info. Say the XML file looked like this. (I don't know the XML syntax yet, this is just a sample!).
<name>Product Name</name>
Do you think XML would be work well for this project? If I don't use XML, I would just be using HTML and doing a page for each product, as I dont need a full blown database.
And how would I take that XML file, and transform it into this?
Product ID:001
Name: Product Name
Price: Price
Would I use XSL to parse/display the data?
BTW I don't need like, exact code on how to do this, just someone to point me in the right direction so I can learn this.
I have already started looking at the W3Schools tutorials on XML.
Thx in advance