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Thread: Front Page Shared Borders / Zen Cart

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    Front Page Shared Borders / Zen Cart

    I hope someone can help - the Zen Cart support site couldn't (?).

    I changed my shared borders and screwed up when I published my site - it published it to my cart too, and it looks AWFUL. I can't figure out how to remove them.

    Before you tell me to contact my web host, I did - they can't recover the old format, they backup every morning and the messed up one is the only one I can access.

    Please someone help me! I've crashed my site a dozen times trying to fix it!

    You can see the cart at: www.familymemoriesandmore.com/cart/index.php.

    Thank you in advance!

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    i dont see anything wrong with the site that you provided just porblems loading the links on the left side of the page

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    That's because the images that are supposed to be there aren't in the cart side of the server software... the top and left borders shouldn't exist in Zen cart... argh...

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