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    2 questions...

    1-) I want to put a subroutine into the setTimeout function.However, it gives a syntax error because I cant get the subroutine into paranthesis because of it's own syntax rule.And there occurs an ambiguity because of the seperation of the first and second parameters of the setTimeout function as follows :

    setTimeout ('sendmail "kutaykalkan@hotmail.com", "k_kalkan@yahoo.com", "deneme", "GOTCHA"',1000)

    ı think the CPU cant understand that 1000 is the second parameter of the settimeout function although I took the first parameter in the paranthesis...

    2-)While sending email via ASP, it cant reach hotmail. I would be grateful if somebody helps...

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    Hi no idea about number 1.
    2) I had the same trouble with hotmail (aswell as BTopenworld, Yahoo and more), the server I was using for SMTP was black listed for spamming, so I changed the SMTP server IP to another and hey presto.
    http://www.dnsstuff.com/ theres a tool on here that can tell you if your mailserver is in a spam database.
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